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Drive New Results

Catalyst 1 Global is committed to

enhancing performance and increasing profitability through people development

We help companies
achieve exceptional results by developing leaders and teams at all levels

We help individuals develop the confidence and skills necessary to lead

What makes a great leader? It’s a critical question for every organization. There are multiple examples of high performers who are promoted into management roles but can’t make the transition to becoming effective leaders. That’s because exceptional leadership requires a brand new set of skills.

Catalyst 1 Global helps individuals to understand what it takes to be a great leader, then we work to develop the competencies they need to build and coach high performing teams – the ones that have an exponential impact on the success of the organization.

Catalyst1Global Leadership Confidence
Catalyst1Global Strategic Agility

We bridge the gap between strategy development and strategy execution

Typically, executive development programs focus on the skills and tools necessary for those who set strategy. This is critically important for organizations, but it’s not enough.

By connecting people to strategy with systems that foster engagement and involvement, Catalyst 1 Global works with organizations to develop scalable, results-focused models that provide guidance to new team members and structure for existing staff. We’ll ensure that everyone understands how their day to day efforts align with the overall strategy of the organization.

We create the clarity that leads to an evolution in company culture

Culture can be defined as shared values, stories, and language. It’s a simple definition, but the pressure to achieve results, the increasing reliance on technology, and the energy required to survive at the ‘speed of life’ have complicated and confused our understanding of culture.

As experts in the fields of emotional intelligence, collaborative team building, and innovation/change management, the Catalyst 1 Global team helps organizations identify and reinforce shared values. Then we work to create a common language that promotes greater collaboration and more effective communication.

Catalyst1Global Cultural Evolution

Let us handle leadership and performance development while you handle your business

We’ll work with your leadership team to create a customized, results-focused experience to fit your needs

Our services include:

  • Collaborative Annual Development Programs
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Performance Development Design
  • Keynotes
  • Strategic Execution Alignment
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive/Director/Manager Coaching
  • Sales and Coaching Model Development

We have spent our careers building, developing, and leading exceptional teams 

We have spent our careers building, developing, and leading exceptional teams 

Meet our catalysts:

John Briggs


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John’s global experience as a coach, strategic advisor, motivational speaker and innovative leadership designer has given him the credibility to work with C-Suite executives and their teams to align and focus on achieving exceptional results.

In addition to his work leading small and large teams for a global, Fortune 100 corporation of 22,000 people, John invested in extensive executive level development at Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Penn’s Wharton School of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

John lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife and daughters.  He spends time outside of work training and racing as a competitive triathlete.

Casey Richardson

Senior Vice President

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Casey’s role as executive advisor and coach to presidents, vice presidents and senior managers draws upon a career leading teams and developing individuals for a global, Fortune 100 company. His experience includes Sales, Sales Management, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching.  Casey’s global leadership work in Germany and Macedonia with surgeons and refugees of the Kosovo War continues to inform his perspective. Early career experiences with elite athletes in the NCAA and the National Football League fosters a sense of urgency to produce results.

Casey currently designs and facilitates Catalyst 1 Global’s Executive Leadership Development Programs and serves as Senior Vice President. He is a Master Trainer of Managing4Results model and a Board Certified Coach. Casey holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University and a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri.  He lives in Central Ohio with his wife and daughters and is an active endurance athlete.